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    An Extended Decentralized Exchange with the "World First C-DEX Protocol"

    A centralized like exchange that doesn't hold your assets. More power to you.

    The Ultimate DEX

    A Decentralized Protocol that Offers the Pros of a Centralized Exchange.


    Swap Tokens Instantly With Smart Routing That Splits Up Your Transaction To Ensure The Lowest Slippage Possible, Better Prices & Faster Execution.


    Retain 100% Privacy To Protect Your Identity Using An Anonymous Cross-Chain Bridge.


    Get VISA® Prepaid Card With Your Crypto Assets Instantly & Completely Anonymous.


    Create, Buy & Sell NFTs On The World’s 1st C-DEX Exchange


    Swap Native Assets From One Chain to Another Instantly With Low Fees.


    Stake Crypto Assets To Earn High APRs. Start with Any Amount.

    Fully Decentralized.

    Completely Secure

    DEXO aims to connect all isolated blockchains and establish a cross-chain asset exchange network, providing all necessary underlying support for the Defi ecosystem. Let every digital asset holder experience a truly safe, free and transparent Defi service.

  • Constant reviews and testing of our platform
  • Your funds are as secure as possible
  • Fully decentralized and non-custodial
  • Built by experienced blockchain developers

    A centralized like exchange that doesn't hold your assets. More power to you.

    One stop Platform consisting of wide spectrum of DeFi products.

    Completely Non-custodial exchange which offers protection over users funds.

    Access to decentralised products offering the pros of a centralised exchange

    Take full advantage of everything

    A Centralized Exchange has to offer

    Access liquidity from various on-chain & off-chain source
    Goodbye to high gas fees, slower response & delayed execution
    Trade spot & futures with low fees & deep liquidity
    Multi-chain support, Gain leverage exposure on limitless assets
    Trustless environment with 24/7 bilingual customer support
    Convert your crypto for VISA® prepaid anytime anonymously

    What is C-DEX?

    Access to all traditional DeFi activities including most innovative features which are currently being offered by only large centralized exchanges, such as advance order-book trading, zero gas fees on non-executed trades, index trading, gamification, and NFT Marketplace.

    Why Dexo Exchange?

    Dexo Exchange takes the decentralized trading experience to a whole new level by solving users' problems. Unlike centralized exchanges like Binance or Coinbase, Dexo Exchange users can trade directly from their wallet app. No Registration, No KYC, Truly Decentralized.